The missing dev tools in Android Apps

3 min readDec 5, 2022

TL;DR: Requestly Android Debugger lets you have the power 💪 of Charles & Chucker together in your apps. It makes it super easy to debug APIs, Analytics events, Logs & report issues on Android Apps.

Problems with the current setup

Right now there is no dev-tools panel available in Android Apps. To debug android apps, most people either connect to Android Studio or Charles Proxy. But both of these comes with their own challenges.

  • Android Studio — Non-Devs (QA/PM..) can initially find this a little daunting. Plus Android Studio needs over 3000GBs of RAM 💻🔥.
  • Charles Proxy: No doubt a really helpful tool. But we are in 2022 now & No one has time to install a certificate or set up a WIFI proxy to debug apps. Also, the UI/UX of Charles is 👴🏽.

Introducing Requestly Android Debugger

Requestly Android Debugger adds the missing dev tools panel to your Android Debug Builds. It lets you have the power of Charles and Chucker in a single app and makes it super easy to debug APIs, Analytics Events & report issues directly from your device.

It requires only a one-time integration and then it can be used company-wide (Yes, without installing certificates or setting wifi proxy)

Also, it is completely free and open-source


Here are some of the features that Requestly Android Debugger support:

Network Traffic Debugger

View & debug your HTTP traffic directly from your device. You can see which requests are failing and send the faulty requests directly to the developer.

Debug Network API’s

Analytics Events Debugger

Debug & validate your analytics events after every fix/release. PMs/QA can now verify what events are firing directly from your app.

Debug Analytics Events

Host Switcher 🔀

Switch your API’s hosts between PROD ↔ STAGE ↔ DEV in a single click. No need to hardcode the URLs in your codebase.

Switch Environments

Logs Viewer 🪵

See your logcat logs directly from your app. No need to connect your device to your computer to know what’s happening inside your app. Check what crashed the app without opening Android Studio.

Debug Logcat

Shared Preferences Editor (Coming Soon)

See and modify the Shared Preference of the App directly from the device.


Check out some of the demo apps here.

↓ Click on Screenshots to try the Apps ↓


Check out more here:

We are constantly working on improving this daily. If you liked what we are making, then please leave us a star ⭐️ on our GitHub repo.

By Sahil from Requestly

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