Electron + Sentry: Monitoring your production app with sourcemaps

What is Sentry?

Actual Meaning

Technical Meaning

Why @sentry/electron?

How to add sentry to your electron app?

// sentryInit.jsconst { init } = (process.type === 'browser'
? require('@sentry/electron/dist/main')
: require('@sentry/electron/dist/renderer'))
init({dsn: '__DSN__'});
plugins: [
// main process
new webpack.DefinePlugin({
'process.type': '"browser"'
// renderer process
new webpack.DefinePlugin({
'process.type': '"renderer"'
// main.js
import 'sentryInit.js';
// background.renderer.js
import 'sentryInit.js';

Why we should add SourceMap to Sentry?

How to add SourceMap in your app?

$ sentry-cli releases files <release_name> upload-sourcemaps path/to/sourcemaps/and/min/files --url-prefix '/url-prefix'

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