Requestly — 2020 Achievements & 2021 Priorities

We wish everyone a very happy & prosperous New Year. With this, We’d like to share some achievements in 2020.

Built the Team

The most important asset of any company is the PEOPLE. We found the right set of engineers in Sagar Soni Navdeep Singh Rathore Nikhil Tatpati Nafees Nehar

Major Product Updates

  1. Desktop App — MacOS We released MacOS App in beta version. This was sort of a POC we did to figure out the technical capabilities we need to re-build Requestly as a cross-platform desktop app.
  2. Redesigned the entire UI — Our Previous codebase was in Backbone.JS. We rewrote the entire app from Backbone to React which makes development for new comers easy.

2021 Priorities

  1. Desktop App — We want our desktop app to be made available on all platforms. We are already on it, and launch a new better version of Desktop App pretty soon.
  2. Rules MarketPlace — Based on popular demand, we are building a rules marketplace where users will be able to find popular Requestly rules directly there without the need to create them from scratch.
  3. Better Onboarding & Documentation — We understand the customer’s pain with onboarding and lack of proper documentation so we will fix it this year.

Thank you Requestly users to continue supporting us.

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